It was a nice peaceful day at the CRF office.

And then it happened.

I thought a bomb went off in the building. It was so loud and so full of destructive sounds — I could think of nothing else. It had to be a bomb.

I quickly ran around the building to see what was demolished and what was the source of this incredible noise. When I got to Julie Castillo’s office, there was a truck that had driven into it. Yes, someone had driven through the outside wall and had entered her office. Just for your information, CRF doesn’t have a drive thru at our building. Well, not until this moment.

What happened? We still don’t know.

The man who opened up our building was from Africa and couldn’t explain it to us. He didn’t speak English well enough. CRF has been very active in going to Africans. Now one was coming to us. He went through great effort to get into our building. He had to drive through a big parking lot of the church building next door. Then he had to jump a big curb. Next he had to drive through our lawn. Ultimately he had to crash through a brick wall.
Julie sits with her desk right up against the wall. Her son needed something at school, and she had left thirty minutes early to help him — or she would have been sitting right where he came through. What a blessing it was that she was not sitting there when the truck came through our building.

Here is what I wanted to share with you besides this bizarre story. We are needing to do some remodeling (or restoring) because of this disaster. Since we are doing this area, it is a good time to freshen up the rest of the building. When I first came to work at the CRF building, it was really in need of refurbishing. But I wanted to focus on the unsponsored children that we had.

Now we’re caught up on all of our sponsored children and we simply need to clean the office up with painting, carpet, etc. With the hole in the building it is time to remodel.

We didn’t see this coming! We didn’t really plan on this need. The insurance company is not paying for all of it. Can you help the helpers? We try not to spend much money on the home front. But now is the time. If you can send us some help for the remodeling, we promise we will continue to use our facility in a great way to help needy children around the world.  – Milton Jones

Could you help us fix our building?