Bad water and malnutrition. It seemed to be the source of Lopei’s polio.

Lopei Chudang had a series of tragedies. She lived in the village of Nadabal where it hasn’t rained in nearly seven years. In the midst of one of history’s greatest famines, Lopei also lost her husband. And she had seven children. It was extremely difficult to support her family, and then the unthinkable happened—her polio affected her foot to the extent that it prevented her from walking. And it also prohibited her from working.

Her situation looked hopeless. But then two incredible events happened.

Her little village in Kenya received a water well from Christian Relief Fund. Now, at least, she and her family would not die from thirst. But it was not enough. She needed some nutrients for the children and herself.

And seemingly, out of nowhere, Lopei got a goat. Some students from West Texas A&M had a Give-a-Goat project with CRF, and Lopei was the receipient of a goat. This goat provided the milk that was the only nutrition to keep not only Lopei but also her children alive.

“The goat is a blessing from God!” Lopei declared.

And now the goat is about to have a kid. Where she barely had enough milk for all her children, now she will have enough. And to make matters even better, CRF is giving her another goat to start a business where she can work again. She will be selling nutritious goat milk in her community. And her children will now be able to go to school.

Water is such a big deal. A well can save thousands of people. One goat seems like such a little deal. But one goat saved the lives of eight people. You can give a goat for only $50. A well takes a little more. Invest in lives however you can.