Most of you know me. But if you came to my home, you would know me better.

If you came inside my house in Amarillo, you would see quite a few things that would explain who I am. You could go to my closet and see all the orange clothes that would demand an explanation. When you enter the front door, you would notice all the African memorabilia that would tell you about my travels and heart. If you look upstairs on the loft, you would notice Barbie’s grand piano and wonder how in the world we got it there. And then there is my banjo displayed which has an incredible musical history of hit songs (just not with me playing them). And on the wall in the dining room is a song my son wrote to me about my always telling him “God loves you and so do I.” And then there is the garage where you will notice the turquoise 1954 Nash Metropolitan that my other son and I restored. Yes, if you go into my house—you will know me better. 

What if you could go into God’s house? You would know Him better. What is it like in His house? What would you see? How would you know him better? What if you could go into the Holy of Holies? What would you learn about God’s place and God’s heart?

Maybe the best clue to what it is like in God’s house is in Psalm  68:5 where the Psalmist describes what you would see if you could walk into the Holy of Holies. What does he notice about the nature of God in His house? Look who God is in His house—

If you could go into God’s house, you would see what is special and important to Him. And it’s orphans and widows.

Maybe it is said best in the New Testament. James was the brother of Jesus and should have known what God’s house was like. And since James had lived in the same house with Jesus (God who became flesh), James describes the priority of God’s house well.

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”  — James 1:27

I guess our goal should be to make our house more like God’s house. Maybe we need to start a remodeling project. We hope as you connect with CRF’s James 1:27 ministry, we can help you with the remodel.