They just can’t get a break! I don’t know how many times I’ve said that about Haiti. They have a bad government (the president just got assassinated). They have bad religion (voodoo). They have a bad economy (the average person makes $2 a day). They have bad disasters (huge earthquakes and hurricanes). They have gang violence (a gang leader named Barbeque is trying to take over the country–really). And it goes on and on.

With the recent migration of Haitians to the United States, you can see how desperate the people are. How can you help a Haitian? Maybe you can’t help everyone, but CRF is positioned to help you help some of the people who are most in trouble. The recent earthquake destroyed property and hope for thousands of people in Haiti. And CRF is there to help.

Often when a disaster happens, CRF doesn’t have people on the ground to help immediately. But we do in Haiti. Our CRF directors have assembled a hard-working team to assist the victims of this horrible natural disaster. We have given water, food, tents, beds, toiletries, and much more. Very soon we will be drilling wells there to keep the people from getting cholera. We also will be building houses to give Haitians permanent places to live. 

How long will we do this? As long as there is money to do so. Our team doesn’t want to stop the aid as long as people are in this current crisis. Haiti deserves a break. 

Unrelenting disappointment 
leaves you heartsick,
but a sudden good break
can turn life around.

Proverbs 13:12