Education is the best way out of poverty. That’s why child sponsorship is so important—it gives a child an education. Coming out of poverty, disease, and disaster makes it very difficult for a child to finish school. And it is why we rejoice so much when they do.

Paul Onyango Ogolla was from a large family. He had five siblings and no employed parents. He lived with extended family in a small house made from mud and sticks covered in concrete. He had no running water or electricity. He was happy if he could just get some beans and rice.

Because of a lack of funds, Paul was delayed in starting school. He simply didn’t have the money that Kenyan schools charge for school fees. He started late and had to drop out because of difficulties. It looked like he would never finish school. But that wasn’t the case.

A small group at the Alpine Church of Christ in Longview, Texas sponsored Paul in 2012. But he dropped out of school.

When he wanted to go back and get more education, Ron and Diane Garner from the group sponsored him again— and he finished high school. But that doesn’t always ensure that you get a job. As a result, Ron and Diane further funded Paul to go to the Ujima Foundation for Training & Development. And he finished and got his diploma in Food Services.

Paul is 25 but now he has an education—and a future.


“Paul is definitely a CRF success story and proof that you are never too old to return to school!”

— Sponsor Ron and Diane Garner —