For a long time. Through thick and thin. Even between jobs—Matt and Felicia Carter supported Elvies (pronounced Elvis).

And they just received what every sponsor wants to receive—the letter.

Elvies is one of our biggest CRF heroes. When he was in primary school at the Ring Road Orphan’s Day School in Kisumu, Kenya, government officials tried to shut down our school with the accusation that our school in the slum was inferior because AIDS orphans weren’t intelligent. The school was made to jump through all kinds of hoops until the ultimate challenge came one day.

They were going to make all of our students take the national achievement test to prove the academic inadequacies of our children. But there was one big problem—they underestimated Elvies.

Elvies ended up scoring the highest grade in all of Kenya. When the news got out, the government officials had to accredit our school. And things have never been the same since. And Elvies didn’t stop. He ended up pursuing secondary school and college. And Matt and Felicia were there for him all the way.

That’s why this letter is so good.

Dear Mr. and Mrs Matt Carter,

I hereby write this letter to thank you for helping me all the way from the time I was a young kid until now when I am a grown man who can fend for himself.

You helped me through primary school, high school and university. If it were not for you I don’t know where I would be right now.

I completed my eighth professional exam in November. With the little job that I already acquired, I can now support myself.

What you did for me was great, and I will also ensure that I give back. I will remain a part of the Ring Road fraternity and when the time comes, I will also join in the support of the humble project that has raised many vulnerable children like me.

May God always bless you and your family. I am hoping that one day I will meet you guys and appreciate in a special way in person.

Yours faithfully,
Elvies Otieno Ohonga

Thank you Matt and Felicia! What a difference you have made! This story is what CRF is all about.

And thank you to all of our incredible sponsors who make stories like Elvies’ possible through your faithful prayer and support!