You may have heard about the infestation of desert locusts that wreaked havoc across much of East Africa last year. Hundreds and thousands of acres of crops and farmland were destroyed by the swarms. Fortunately, the locusts spared most of the regions where CRF works. But unfortunately, the locusts haven’t left the region. In fact, they have been breeding during the rainy season. Some researchers estimate that the plague might be 20 times worse than it was a few months ago. Governments are working hard to eradicate the locusts with pesticides, but COVID-19 has added extra difficulty and slowed down the delivery process of these pesticides. With so many people in the Horn of Africa already experiencing food insecurity, not being able to act quickly may result in millions more without enough food.  

CRF Field Director Isaac Sanyu holding one of the millions of locusts affecting Kenya and Uganda.

Please join us in praying for our programs in Kenya and Uganda as they continue to ensure that CRF sponsored children are supported and do not go hungry during this time of crisis.