“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

We nearly always ask that question to little kids, and sometimes we get the wildest answers. But it doesn’t take many years for a child to lose interest in one occupation and then latch onto another one—unless you are Ayling Dayana Ortiz of Villa Alemania, Nicaragua.

When Ayling was only three years old, she started dreaming of becoming a media broadcaster. She simply loved watching television. Playing with her mother, Ayling would pretend to be a reporter announcing news stories. What began as a game at three years old is now her reality at 21 years old. Ayling is a licensed newspaper reporter and also works for TN8—News from Nicaragua and the World.

Through CRF, young Ayling was paired with a sponsor—Tom Patterson. Tom was a dear sponsor until his death. And then Kathleen and Bill Bounds took up Ayling’s sponsorship. Ayling remembers her sponsors in this way…

“My sponsors were always a part of my schooling and grades because they sent money each month by way of CRF. My mother was able to use this money to pay for my school fees and other needs. In addition to this help, my sponsors would send me letters of encouragement through CRF. They even visited my country. This made me very happy. This is how I met them and talked to them personally. I remember Tom hugged me, gave me advice, and told me that I would go far in life. As I write these words, I want to cry. But these words also give me strength because they were wise words. I will always remember Tom. Even though he is no longer with us, my sponsor, Kathleen, continued helping me until I graduated—even at the university level.”

Ayling is so thankful for her CRF sponsors. They helped her grow mentally and professionally. Her dream has come true.

Sponsors, you make dreams come true. That’s what you do. And Ayling we are so proud of you!