A young Moses in his early days at the CRF program in Liberia

It couldn’t have been a better promise. As Andrew Brown and I were dining and talking with three CRF students in Liberia, they wanted to say “Thank you!” for their sponsorships. And then Moses said, “I promise to spend my life being faithful to Jesus and changing the country of Liberia.” The next morning I looked on the front page of the Monrovian newspaper. And there he was. Moses was standing with the president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He had been chosen by the President for a special fellowship to help with the government’s top priorities ­—agriculture, health, education, peace, and security.

Gondah Moses Zolue didn’t begin his journey with the president. In 1990 when Liberia was experiencing one of the worst civil wars in human history, Moses had fled to northern Liberia working in paddy fields hoping to avoid the rebels who were kidnapping children to make them enslaved soldiers. At seven years old when he should have been in elementary school, he was running away and farming.

When Moses turned 14, his uncle brought him to Monrovia where he was able to attend the CRF school called Ford— Madden Academy led by Arthur David. Shortly after the move, his uncle and family abandoned him. But all was not lost because Tyson and Meredith Browning sponsored Moses.

He said, “I was glad to have received this CRF sponsorship because it served as a beacon of hope when I needed support the most. I relied on it for everything from shoes to school uniforms to daily meals.”

His relationship with CRF didn’t stop there. He received a scholarship from Christian Relief Fund to attend Liberia’s best institution of higher education, Cuttington University. Moses was awarded a Bachelor of Science in General Education there.

After graduation Moses began working for the Liberian Ministry of Agriculture. His next stop was Ghana where he received a Masters degree in Plant Science at the University of Ghana.

Moses today - a Ph.D. Student at Texas Tech University

And now Moses is at the best university in the world (well, at least my alma mater). Yes, Moses is pursuing his Ph.D. in Soil Fertility and Environmental Chemistry at Texas Tech University.

I’ve never heard such horror stories as the civil war in Liberia. Charles Taylor, the leader of the rebellion, was arrested for crimes against humanity. To survive the tragedy was amazing. To excel through it like Moses was phenomenal. And it wouldn’t have happened without CRF and the Brownings’ sponsorship.

Moses is keeping his promise. He is loyal to Jesus. In fact, he is a part of the campus ministry I used to lead decades ago at Texas Tech.

And he will change the country of Liberia through the development of soil science in his home country. – Milton Jones