It is one of the scariest words I know.

Someone called me last week when they heard that I had caught some disease in Africa and wondered if it was Ebola. No, it wasn’t that serious. If you haven’t kept up with the news, Ebola is spreading over Western Africa—and it is usually fatal.

Dr. Kent Brantly who was trying to save people in Liberia contracted Ebola. There are no words adequate to describe his heroism. He was willing to risk his life to save the life of another.

This Ebola scare is a dramatic concern for us at CRF because we have so many children in Liberia where Dr. Brantly caught Ebola. Liberia is no stranger to problems. It is one of the very poorest countries in the world. It has also been one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Liberia began with a noble cause. U.S. President Monroe released slaves to go back to Africa to begin anew in Liberia. But when they returned, there ended up being a constant conflict between the released slaves and the indigenous Africans which exists to this day.

In recent years they were ruled by Charles Taylor, one of the most ruthless leaders ever, who ended up being indicted for crimes against humanity. And now there is Ebola.

Presently, we don’t know of any of our children who have Ebola, but we sure ask for your prayers for God’s protection.

CRF started in Liberia a couple of decades ago when Charles Taylor invaded the country. If you ever saw “Blood Diamond”, the villain was patterned after Taylor. Schools began to close under his siege. As a result, CRF began to start schools there because of the lack of access to education and for the orphans of the war. Our CRF school in Monrovia, the Ford-Madden Academy, has one of the nicest school buildings in Liberia and has been rated as one of the top five schools in the country. It has been developed and led by Arthur David.

MacAnthony Siaker was a hero trying to save children from being enslaved to become soldiers or sex slaves. In his efforts to protect children, he also developed a school in Crozerville. He works with the poorest of the poor. His facility still needs a lot of development, but the children there are happy and unbelievably grateful to be getting a break.

When I first went to Liberia, I encountered a bunch of children who were squatting on church property in Monrovia. They were some of the sweetest children I have ever met. And they were deaf. Emmanuel Jacobson was trying his best to school all of these children. Many of them had been abandoned and others were just seeking out anyone who could give them an education. Some students from Texas Tech upon hearing their story started sponsoring them through CRF.

All three of these programs are bringing light into one of the most problematic places on the planet—whether you are talking about disease, poverty, war, or a lack of education. And it is an incredible mission field. Liberia needs Jesus. – Milton Jones

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