Remember the Poor. That’s what the ministry is called right outside of Lodwar, Turkana in Kenya.

We drilled for water there and helped save the lives of children in this famine area. But sometimes wells break.

If you help us to drill a well, we wanted you to know that we not only drill wells, but we also help maintain them. We just fixed the well here, and water is flowing again.

Don’t you love this picture? The street boys pictured are of a group of children who have been rescued and rehabilitated from their glue sniffing and other addictions. These former criminals are changing their behavior and learning to love and trust the Lord.

You can see by the desert terrain why there is such a need for water. It hasn’t rained here in years. The temperatures average between 100 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, they are going to plant some trees now that there is water for them. It’s easy to see why the water you give is such a blessing.

Can you help us bring more water to another group of children like “Remember the Poor”?