God has been preparing Kevin Wasner for all of his life to be the new Executive Director of Christian Relief Fund.

My first knowledge of Kevin came when Rick Atchley told me of one of the members of the Hills Church who had written— “Ever since Milton Jones’ last visit to The Hills, I believe I’ve been prompted to get involved with CRF or a ministry like it. The feeling was stirred again when I read a recent CRF newsletter story chronicling Milton’s recent trip to Liberia. I could see, hear and even smell the scenes he was describing, as my wife and I used to live in neighboring Sierra Leone.”

Of course, it was Kevin. Rick’s analysis of him was brief and to the point—“He sounds passionate!” Rick was right. Passionate is a good word to describe the ministry and leadership of Kevin Wasner.

Kevin has many life experiences that have prepared him to lead at CRF. He has been a broadcaster and manager in radio and television. Communication in print and verbally is a great part of Kevin’s talent. As a result, Kevin is going to provide me with a lot of help in sharing the message of CRF in places where I have not been able to go because of my limited time and abundant opportunities.

For over a decade, Kevin has managed information and people for the U.S. government around the world. He has also worked in various world locations. This is exactly what our executive director does—manages people and information around the world.

Back at home, our executive director helps organize, manage and train others in information technology. The executive director makes sure that our home office is filled with financial and managerial integrity. We need him to oversee the receiving and spending of your generous donations in such a way as to help your sponsored children in the best ways. Kevin has a great expertise in IT having been a leader at EDS and Hewlett Packard in this industry. As a result, Kevin will be able to lead us to great places in the technological advances CRF needs to make for the future.

Kevin has also been an elder in the church. His compassion is spurred on by his great faith and love for the Lord. The grace of God guides Kevin in all of his endeavors.

As we all know, CRF is about children. A few years ago, Kevin joined his wife, Kim, in the teaching profession. Why? Kevin loves children. He has been to CRF works many times in Africa with me. Why? He loves children. I’ve never seen anyone better with orphaned and destitute kids than Kevin.

Kevin is being who God made him to be. Welcome Kevin and Kim Wasner to Amarillo and CRF. – Milton Jones, CRF