It sounds like the opening episode of “This is Us.” A baby is left at the doorstep. Only this wasn’t a television episode.

It was real life.

Shalini Angel Sharma was left on the doorstep of CRF’s Howard Peacock Cottage in India on January 5, 1992. She was only one day old. Her parents were never found. What a sad story! Can you imagine abandoning a newborn baby? But she could never have been left at a better place—the birthplace of Christian Relief Fund.

Yes, in 1971 Baxter Loe started Christian Relief Fund here in India. Shalini was going to receive care. She would get an education, a place to live, and good food. She would be raised knowing about Jesus. And she would be loved by her house parents.

Shalini wasn’t sponsored immediately. And then she lost her sponsor. And you can easily see how important it was for her to be sponsored again when she became unsponsored.

The Millsap Church of Christ picked up Shalini’s sponsorship and made sure she finished her education. They continued their support until Shalini finished nursing school. Shalini is very smart and an exceptional student. Her academic abilities demonstrate once again how important it was for her to be responsored. And now she has a job!

The good news for Shalini doesn’t end there. She was just married! She is so thankful for all of her sponsors here and her house parents in India. We congratulate her on her graduation and marriage.

Shalini, you have come a long way since that doorstep!