The cup was shaped just like a communion cup. But it was a little bigger. A prayer of blessing was invoked before we shared it. We stood in a circle as we passed it around. It was a holy moment for us, but it wasn’t the Lord’s Supper. Nearly every- one from our Ole Miss mission trip had a taste from the cup. But one person was saved for last as we drank. He was different. He was a local man from this community in Haiti. He should not have to go first in this taste test.

No, we weren’t drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid. But it was pretty dangerous still. We had just spent the last few days installing a water purification system for an area of Haiti that was going through a horrible cholera epidemic. We had just finished purifying our first 300 gallons of water. But was it really pure? Could you still get cholera like you could from other water here? How would you know for sure? There’s only one way to know. You have to taste it.

But whom would you pick to taste it? Certainly, you could just say that our team did a good deed and leave the community with the new water. It had to be at least as good as the old water. Let the people of Haiti drink it and go on as things were before. They had already been exposed to bad water, so why not let them continue to be?

But how can you give people something telling them it is good when it is not good enough for you? How can you tell them it is ok when it may not be? How can you let them drink something that you would not drink yourself? If it is not good for us, then it is not good for them.

So we drank. We passed the cup and tasted the water. There was no arm-twisting. There were plenty of volunteers.

After we all tasted the water and knew that it was good, we passed the cup to our Haitian friend. But could we know absolutely for sure that the water was good? I had tested it. I had faith. I would drink it again. Yes, I believe the water is good. I believe that many lives will be saved because they drink this water rather than the water that they had been drinking.

It reminds me of the Lord. I can’t prove absolutely to you that He is good. But I believe it. And I have tasted. And I trust Him. And His way and His living water will be better than any you have tasted before. But you will have to trust that it is. You will have to taste it to find out.

Yes, we are still alive. Yes, the water is good. And so is God.  —  Milton Jones

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!
— Psalm 34:8 —