She had a tear running down her cheek.

But she wasn’t crying.

Djinailove’s dad was in prison. Her mother had just been murdered. She had recently moved to Cap Haitien, Haiti and was hoping to go to school. She needed a place to stay and food to eat. She had plenty of reasons to cry. But her tears were actually caused by a medical issue—a hole near her eye that somehow caused tears to run down her cheek. She needed a doctor to help her with her unusual problem—but that took money.

What Djinailove really needed was a child sponsorship.

Have you ever left a worship service before it was over?

That’s what Dr. Rachel Philip did, but not for the reasons you might expect. The assembly wasn’t boring. It wasn’t that it ran too long. She didn’t have an emergency with one of her patients. It was that I had just told the story of Djinailove in my sermon, and Dr. Philip wanted to get to the CRF table as fast as possible to sponsor her. It’s like she was running to help. No one was going to beat her there.

Now Djinailove can go to school. She has food to eat and a place to stay. She has even been able to visit a doctor. And notice the nice school uniform that she is now able to wear. That’s what a sponsor like Dr. Philip can do.

I love CRF donors. You run to help.


Can you help us one more time this year? I have never seen a year with more disasters and needs. Whether it is a disadvantaged child or a victim of a hurricane—you can make a difference with a year-end gift. Sure, giving can be good for tax reasons. But on the other hand, it’s just good to help someone as quickly as you can.

Thanks a trillion times!
Milton Jones, CRF President


Your gift, big or small, brings smiles just like this one on Djinailove’s face.