Diego is one of four siblings. He lives in a quiet community just 10 minutes outside the bustling city of León, Nicaragua.

His mother Alejandra works long hours washing clothes — hard work for very little pay. Lorenzo, his father, farms on the family’s small plot of land.  His average monthly income is $80.

Diego wakes up every morning at 6 am to feed the chickens.  His house is small with dirt floors and walls made from scavenged plastic, wood and tin.

A few years ago, Diego’s parents had no clue how much God would bless Diego (and their entire family) through CRF sponsors and one of our partner programs: “Las Maripositas” Christian Preschool.

When Diego started preschool at age 3, he had severe anemia. He was quiet, but he was also very smart.   The teachers at Las Maripositas worked hard with Diego to help him get medical care, to teach him to read and write and, best of all, to teach him about Jesus!

Now Diego loves school!  His is favorite animal is the tiger, and his favorite color is blue.

Earlier in 2013, Diego’s sponsors (James & Sara Cox) sent extra support to buy a piglet for him. Diego’s mom, Alejandra, was in charge of feeding the pig and Diego never forgot to remind his mom about it!  When the pig was fully grown, Diego’s father was able to sell the pig at a great profit and purchase another piglet to replace it!

Diego still battles with asthma during the rainy season and his parents still work hard to provide food for their children, but the Lord keeps providing support and a prayer through Diego’s CRF sponsors!

Today Diego is growing up just like the Bible tells us that Jesus grew up in Luke 2:52!

He is increasing in wisdom because he never misses school, in stature because he is growing healthy, and in favor with God and man.

Go, Diego, Go!

This is what the LORD wants for His niños!
And it’s not just Diego’s story.  It’s the story of every child supported by CRF sponsors.

God bless you, sponsors!

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