For the past few years, news about the famine in the Horn of Africa has been a
frequent subject of our newsletters. That’s because it’s one of the largest humanitarian crises facing the world today! And you never let the news fall on deaf ears.

Thousands of donors have given sacrificially to help others have clean water to drink. From student groups to individuals—from $10 to $10,000—we’ve been able to match each dollar to drill a well for every $5,000 given,
thanks to some generous grantors!

The big day finally arrives!  Funds are sent to our team in Kenya, the community gathers to pray over the drilling crew, the work begins and, before long, water erupts from the ground in the middle of the desert!
(We also drill in Haiti, but that’s another story!)

Now the party really gets started.  The pump is flowing with clean water and the community is gathered to praise God for His great faithfulness.  The air is filled with singing and earnest words of gratitude… and the jerry cans are full of water.

Now the community begins to imagine what is possible with clean water.  CRF continues our community development work by supporting farms, distributing goats, and starting schools for children who once spent hours each day fetching water.

Once the community has the foundation of clean water and has begun to gather their homes around the well, we plant a church! CRF has a dedicated church
planting team in Turkana, Kenya who have planted more than
100 churches in the region.

But the good news doesn’t stop with wells or farms or even churches. CRF
sponsors follow up after our well projects by sponsoring children who need extra support to grow up healthy and receive a great education to escape poverty!

And this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to see what happens in the decades to come! Over the last three years, CRF donors have helped more than
150,000 people get clean water!

How many more people can we help in the next three years?