At CRF we certainly are grateful for your generous donations, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. But don’t forget to pray for us too.

You have heard about our extraordinary water well drilling efforts in Turkana, Kenya. Dennis Tenai, our Hope Water International leader, tells about one of our unsuccessful efforts.

Yes, sometimes you don’t get water.

And how tragic it is when you don’t get water in a desert where it hasn’t rained in nearly seven years. The Turkana people were watching our drillers with hope and anticipation of getting water for themselves and their goats. After it was apparent that there was not going to be water flowing, Dennis said that an old man came up to the dry well and started praying over it.

He prayed for about thirty minutes, and then left. Five hours later, water started flowing out of the hole.

The old man came back and is seen in this picture from Dennis. He once again prayed and thanked God for answering the prayers of his grandfather who had prayed for water here. He thanked God for answering prayers that had been going up for literally decades for water in this very spot. He thanked God for this miracle and for all the blessings he had received from CRF donors who had given for water.

Cynthia Tallam, our accountant there, said—

It feels good to hear such testimonies! It encourages us to keep trusting in God even at our most difficult times!

Thanks for giving your money! We couldn’t be bringing water to the desert if you didn’t. But don’t forget to pray. And don’t quit praying. Water only came to this place after decades of prayer.