When I first came to work for CRF, I called my friend Dr. Dick Trimble (a business professor at Central Washington University). I asked him if he could come to our office in Amarillo to evaluate what we needed to do administratively to become an organization that could help more people. He said that we needed “scalability” and an “integrated database.”

In other words, we needed a software system that would allow us to manage the complex processes of our work more efficiently—and something that would grow as we grew.

So we went with the best software we could find and made it work as best as we could. But at that time, a software built for our needs as a child sponsorship organization didn’t exist. Through the years, there have been many online capabilities
we have wished we could provide to our donors that just weren’t possible due to our system’s limitations.

But we are excited to announce that we have now transitioned to a new software built specifically for our needs!

This change is going to be better for you. It is going to be better for all of us in the office. It is going to be better for our program directors and the children we serve. We are looking forward to the work that this change is going to empower us to do! We also know that there are bound to be a few hiccups in any software transition of this size. If any of these issues affect you, please forgive us, and know that things are getting much better—and soon. Thanks for your patience.

As CRF celebrates 50 years of ministry, it’s encouraging to know that we now have the right tools for the future!

New Features to Look Forward to:

Online Letter Writing — Write your sponsored child online and see the growing history of your correspondence!

Online Child Profiles  —  See the most recent photo of your sponsored child,
as well as their up-to-date biographical information.

Update your Information — New address? Credit card number changed? It’s much easier than before to update your information online

Historical Giving — View your giving history, view and reprint receipts, and so much more all from your CRF online account.