“We Have Come From Far.
We Are Far.
We Are Going Far.”

If you hear it once, you hear it a thousand times. It’s the slogan of Oasis of Hope. They are going far. They have hope.

Oasis of Hope is a high school that is managed by Haggai Kadiri. Haggai loves children. He is also an attorney specializing in the rights of abused and abandoned children. CRF is a partial owner of Oasis of Hope. We bought part of the school in order for our children at the Ring Road Orphans’ School in Kisumu to have a place to go to high school.

Our children there are guaranteed an entry to Oasis of Hope and are also charged the same fee as their sponsorship.

I love the children at Oasis of Hope. They are some of the smartest and most thankful kids I have ever met in Kenya. And they are particularly gifted in the arts. I know no other group who sings better than these children. And they perform drama, acrobatics (look out Cirque du Soleil), and prose too.

I asked them if they wanted anything. How do you think your kids would answer that question?

A car, a computer, a new cell phone? No, that’s not the answer I got at Oasis of Hope.

“FOOD!” They wanted food. They didn’t have nearly enough food for everyone.

How does that happen? Well, there are many children at Oasis of Hope who don’t have sponsors like the CRF kids do. They are there because they have poor parents who can’t come up with the same amount as a CRF sponsor. Or maybe they are there because of the mercy of Haggai and hope to get a sponsor soon. But many just don’t have enough food at this present time.

And it’s hard to go far if you don’t have food in your stomach.

At CRF we emphasize child sponsorship. And it will always be our bread and butter ministry. But we also value donors who give for feeding programs. They help the unsponsored and undersponsored children like those at Oasis of Hope. We experience a lot of needs like this especially in Haiti and Kenya. There are simply quite a few children around the CRF kids who aren’t sponsored yet—but still need food.

If you ever wanted to know what would happen if you checked the option “Feeding Program” on one of our advertisements, it would feed some hungry children–like those at Oasis of Hope. – Milton Jones, CRF President


Visit our donation form and select “feeding programs” from the dropdown