How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!
— Romans 10:15 —

“How many wells did CRF drill last year?” Andrew Brown told me 90 had been drilled.

That’s a lot of water!

“How many churches did we plant?” Francis Bii told me 108 in the last three years.

That’s a lot of churches planted!

But our goal was to plant a church with every well, and I realized that we fell short.

I asked Francis again, “Why do we drill three times as many wells as we plant churches?”

His first answer was obvious—“Because it takes longer to plant a church than it does to drill a well.”

But his second answer was a little more intriguing to me—“Because we don’t have enough preachers, and we haven’t been able to train as many as we need for all the wells.”

CRF is most known for sponsoring children and drilling water wells. And that’s what we do. But it’s also important to know that we do everything we can to help children to grow up knowing Jesus. And we try to make sure that we not only bring clean water to famine areas but also Living Water. As a result, our children often become Christians and famine areas get church plants.

You can drive through the desert and see church after church planted where we drill wells. But I wish we had them at all of our water sites. What’s it going to take?

More preachers.

We now have a training school for preachers started by one of my old students, Gene Morden. It is in the town of Lodwar in Turkana. We have another one started by Francis Bii near Eldoret. It is called Victory Christian Training Center. But we need more potential preachers attending, and more sent.

Many of our donors give money through our Christmas catalog to train preachers. For only $600 you can train a preacher who can plant a new church. Is your church looking for a missionary? They could support a full-time preacher where we are planting churches for only $60 to $100 a month. Could you help us train or support a preacher?

And how are they to hear without someone preaching?
— Romans 10:14 —