When it rains, it pours! It seems like some people just can’t catch a break. That’s what it feels like on Mt. Elgon.

Although this mountain in Kenya is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see, it is also one of the most devastated areas in the world. CRF cares for hundreds of orphans on this mountain. In fact, we have two large schools for children in need. Most of these children are not orphaned because of AIDS or famine, but because of war.  And due to the recent pandemic, food and water have become big issues too.

I only know of one way to get to our CRF works on Mt. Elgon. It is one of the scariest roads in existence. It is a small one-lane dirt road with cliffs on the side where you can fall hundreds of feet if you are not careful. But today, I don’t know of a single way to get up Mt. Elgon. The bad road has disappeared in places because of landslides. The rains not only washed out the road but also made it next to impossible for any kind of vehicle to deliver the food needed in the pandemic. So what do we do? We now deliver food by donkeys all over the mountain!

We are also constructing a new church building in Kapsanja on Mt. Elgon for widows who are victims of the war. But the landslides hit there too killing members of the new church. At one of our feeding stations, a mother arrived in a dramatic fashion—on her knees. Vicious soldiers invading her home had killed her husband and children. And she also lost her legs below the knee during the attack. Still she walked on her knees when she heard that the church was meeting and CRF was sharing food.

The most violent of the killing forces are from a particular village on Mt. Elgon. Our CRF director, Peter Marangach, decided how to face these malicious assassins. He would not fight them. He would feed them. They also needed food in this pandemic. Didn’t Jesus teach us to love our enemies? Peter is feeding his enemies rather than fighting with them.

Please pray for peace, food, and the cessation of landslides. Mt. Elgon needs a break.