It may look like a tree to you, but in Turkana it’s the church house. CRF is not only bringing water to this famine area—but also Living Water. We have planted 118 churches here in the last three years.

As you can see, it is a church that is full of joy. Even though it hasn’t rained in years in this area, these new Christians haven’t given up hope.

Don’t you like it when elders wear hats? There’s a lot of wisdom in this church leader as he influences people to persevere through immense trials with a faith in Jesus.

This yellow container holds water from a new well that CRF has drilled. We have drilled hundreds of wells in this area over recent years. 

Bad things happen in famines. Our CRF vehicle broke down as Bobby Moore was traveling to visit our new wells.

How do you like the sign on the motorcycle of the mechanic who showed up to rescue our stranded CRF team?  Well, maybe it is just a sign—but the Holy Ghost certainly was present as our new church experienced the good news of Jesus!